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When we were vikings, we lived in close harmony with nature and the Norse gods. – Today, we still feel the power of our heritage as we explore the wild and pristine nature to harvest unique and powerful ingredients for your skin.

True Nordic Nature

Discover the secrets of our essential ingredients with transformative powers, cultivated by timeless nature.

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Every woman is unique – and so is your skin

Explore exactly what your skins needs to give it the glowing vitality of Nordic nature.

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Good Cleansing Routines to Prevent “Bad Skin Days”

Let’s be honest, we all look in the mirror sometimes and wonder where all those lines, small wrinkles, and slightly dull skin has suddenly come from.

It’s time to shed your skin

So, you have discovered that your skin has become dull, gained some lines, small wrinkles or pigment spots. Or perhaps you have an acne break out … again.

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