Unlocking the mysteries of nature through science and technology

With Seidr, we explore the unique and powerful potential of Nordic nature to create the next evolution in natural skincare, setting a new industry standard for all.

Seidr’s high effectiveness is the result of our most advanced scientific developments and innovations within biotechnologies, plant extracts, micronutrients, and precious oils. All developed in close collaboration with our chemists, cosmetologists, and dermatologists. 

When formulating Seidr in our laboratories, we have consciously moved away from using traditional chemical compounds that can hurt your skin over time, reducing the amount of fill components to focus solely on the active ingredients, selected from pristine Nordic nature with documented effects for your skin.

We extract our ingredients through gentle processes, to ensure the quality of the active components are retained, and to protect the environment. Blueberries and cloudberries have all been picked by hand, and the sap from birch is tapped with the health of the tree in mind – as we did when we were Vikings.    

With Seidr and Seidr Clinique, we demonstrate how science and nature come together to create a more powerful and sustainable skincare brand for the strong modern woman.

The needle in the haystack 

We are constantly exploring new technologies and prospecting for new biological components that will allow us to create even better and more effective natural skincare products, with documented effects and a reduced environmental impact.

There are enormous amounts of biological data available in various databanks, waiting to be analyzed.  But finding the right components and understanding how to put them into good use is like finding a needle in a haystack. Through new machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence, we will be able to accelerate this search process over the next five to ten years. And with more compute power comes better molecular simulations, giving us a greater understanding of how the active components interact with the human biology to create desired and lasting effects for your skin.

The future belongs to women!   

Every woman is unique – and so is your skin

Explore exactly what your skins needs to give it the glowing vitality of Nordic nature.

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Sustainable skincare

Pristine nature is the powerful ingredient in our entire skincare collection. We are constantly reducing our own environmental footprint, and we cheer for all the strong women who are actively fighting for the health of this planet.

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